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SEDEX MEMBERS ETHICAL TRADE ASSOCIATION (SMETA) audits suppliers in terms of ''ethical suitability'' in examination of physical conditions.

Today, when big brands choosing their suppliers in Europe,they place great emphasis on the standard of work and work quality rather than on the quality of raw materials used and the effect on the environment, and they regard Sedex supervision as a prerequisite.

Human and Environment First..

The SEDEX evaluate the suppliers in light of

-Local Law,

-Relevant Regulations,

-ETI Base Code,

and audits them in;

  • Work conditions,
  • Rights of employees,
  • Eligibility of employee,
  • Conditions in work area,
  • Enviromental effects of business,
  • Production line,

In Turkey Sedex audits conducted by SGS BVQI and Intertek.

Our firm inspected by SGS on request of Nestlê Europe and became a part Nestlê's Sedex Approved Supplier list.

For Sedex Global http://www.sedexglobal.com/